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Meet our president

'Quality first' is one of our most important founding values at Miyata System.
Miyata System strive to deliver on each occasion so we meet the diverse needs of our customers.
Providing quality, timely delivery and the products at the right budget, are part of the service our customers expect.
Miyata System always aim to further expand our business areas, especially with new technology. Our cultivated base includes the use of technology and quality systems.
Quality is always proven in our:
- manufacture and sale of embossed carrier tape
- OEM production of electrical parts and electrical equipment
‘Trust’ with our customers and stakeholders ensure we can meet our expansion plans.
At Miyata System, we keep moving forward for a better future!
President Naoya Mikane
Miyata system
270-1, Osafunechoosafune, Setouchi-shi, Okayama
1. ■Electronic parts production■
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