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Embossed carrier tape

Our embossed carrier tape products are a 'must have' to ensure the products being carried are kept safe from damage during storage and transport.

Our products and services

Production process

Our factories operate 24/7, which enables us to deliver the volume you need with quick delivery times.
You select the molding method (press/compressed air/vacuum) suitable for the shape required. We can tailor the embossed carrier tape that takes into consideration the quality, cost, and delivery time you need.

Product and mold design

We can tailor the optimal shape and size based on your product dimensions and characteristics

Various carrier tapes

Ask us for specific material and dimensions.

Packing reels

We can tailor the reel to your needs.

Transportation packing form

We have established a reusable and returnable box system made of conductive plastic (polystyrene). This sees the elimination of cardboard packaging from the production line.
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